Program: PRO-YI® Self Enhancement & Business Entrepreneurial Skills Training Program

Date: 15th -16th November 2018

Time: 8.30am-6.30pm

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Many of us in the work force are at a cross junction in life, “… under the scorching sun with all our liquids under our skull dried up, not knowing the direction to take most of the time”, Krishnan Nachiappen, NK Corporate House Sdn Bhd. This causes low productivity, low self-worth, anxiety and sadness leading to depression.


WE CAN CHOOSE, not to be there. However many of us do not realize we DO have The Freedom of Choice!


As the father of new age philosophy Dr. Bruce Lipton puts it……

“Because of the Biology of life! We do have the freedom of choice, to be the person we want to be”

Using the principles of the biology of life, I have lead many, including myself, out of this scorching heat at the traffic Junction, into the cool garden of paradise, where they were transformed to Individual Entrepreneurs and High Potential employees, without any EMPLOYEE mentality, replaced by a SELF-EMPLOYED mindset, where they do not need supervision to be high performers, for each one will have a “The Best Is Yet To Be” mindset.

“The Best Is Yet To Be”

In a recent visit to Malaysia, Dr. Andrew White , Associate Dean for Executive Education at Oxford University noted, “In the wake of Industrial Revolution 4.0, fresh graduates will have to

“reinvent themselves to keep up with the (technological) changes around them.”

Adding to Dr. Andrew White’s observation, corporate executive director, (education), Said Business School, University of Oxford, Dr. Elaine Heslop, observed,

“There is a growing emphasis on soft skills in the qualities employers are looking for. Employers are now looking for qualities which were previously more relevant for the top level of an organization, in new graduates and those with a few years of experience”.

On September 9, 2018, YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad emphasized that “we will ensure (people) are trained in management” and added that

“….only those experienced or trained would be considered for government projects”.

YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir stressed that good work ethics are fundamental to productivity

On September 11, 2018 at the World Economic Forum in Hanoi, YAB Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, Minister of Youth and Sports, Malaysia observed:-

“The 4th Industrial Revolution, takes out the age barrier or the age limit which currently, following conventional wisdom, is that, if you are young, you are incapable and you are inexperienced….Some of the best startups have been started by young entrepreneurs. This breaks the stereotype and shows that young people are capable…Due recognition must be given by the government and by the corporate sectors…..The 4th Industrial Revolution, I believe will be shaped by my generation….My suggestion for the youth (of today) is to think out of the box and to ensure you go beyond the normalcy.”

In Singapore on 12th September 2018, it was reported that Singapore Institute of Technology fresh graduates were most employable among local universities. A higher proportion of fresh graduates from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) found a job within the first six months of completing their final examinations, when compared with their counterparts from four other major universities here. This year’s report card showed that SIT work-study program, which put their students through work attachments of between eight to twelve months – longer than traditional internships – is valued among employers, said the university.

Our Program does exactly this! We simulate, through workshops, environment where trainees will role play as if in the real world work environment, throughout the sessions on business entrepreneurial skills.

Yes, it’s true that the young today must break that age barrier, go beyond “conventional wisdom” and go beyond “normalcy.” Our above stated Program, trains the young HOW to achieve this, using state of the art tools of mindfulness, epigenetics and neuroplasticity in achieving Self Enhancement, all within our registered Trademark “Productivity…Your Inheritance”. Once Self Enhancement has been achieved, our Program provides for the acquisition of business entrepreneurial skills. The combination of these two skills allows for the wholistic development of the young who, as the Honorable Minister said, will shape the achievement of the goals of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Leap out of that traffic junction of confusion, anxiety and worry and be transformed to high performers, capable of being CEO’s within respective spheres of functional accountability, truly creating a center of excellence, for your organization, and your loved ones, and YOURSELF.

Program Administrator at Kassim-Aydin McPherson Consults Sdn Bhd.