Dr. Harith Kassim

Dr. Harith’s success in discovering how to overcome adversity in his fifties has caused him to have an urgent passion to want to share his experiences with young people starting out in life. PRO-yi® is a Self Enhancement training program which allows you to know who you are and what your purpose in life. One key business activity KAM Consults is Personal Development Training.

Course Overview

This program is to prepare high potential resources, for an appointment for a C-Suite position. This is a complete general management program which address all aspects of General Management, with emphasis on leadership determination and qualities. We have also built in cognitive and psychological elements to complement functional understanding with a holistic approach ie. The Pro-yi® method.

Our Advance Program, trains, several notches higher than the Intermediate Program, in the capacity to understand and methodically engage in the complex tasks of undertaking a program of transformation and continuous improvement of your team members. As you are aware, our methodology is to provide participants with a tool kit to employ their learnings to real-time situations and challenges faced by them, in their personal and work life.

Course Features

  • Modules
  • Duration
    37 Weeks
  • Language

Course Curriculum

        • Module 1 : Getting Things Done

        • Module 2 : Organizational Behaviour

        • Module 3.1 : How To Recruit & Retain The Best Workers In Your Market

        • Module 3.2 : How to Manage A Problematic Employee

        • Module 4 : Change Management

        • Module 5 : Diversity

        • Module 6 : Self-Actualization

        • Module 7 : Self-Determination

        • Module 8 : Influence & Persuasion

        • Module 9.1 : Self Awareness

        • Module 9.2 : Stimulate Self Improvement

        • Module 9.3 : How To Move From Self Awareness To Self Improvement

        • Module 10 : Leadership

        • Module 11 : Leadership Styles

        • Module 12 : Adaptive Leadership

        • Module 13 : Authentic Leadership

        • Module 14 : Cross Silo Leadership

        • Module 15 : Cultural Web Of Change

        • Module 16 : Mindset 1 – General

        • Module 17 : Mindset 2 – Coach Leadership

        • Module 18 : CEO Leadership

        • Module 19 : Tutorial

        • Module 20 : Emotional Quotient 3

        • Module 21 : Happiness Advance

Advance Business Entrepreneurial:

        • The key benefits of this program participants will enjoy include:-
            1. Being familiar about the demands of the 21st Century business environment and its implication on leadership in the domains of personal, professional, organizational and social life (social skills)
            2. Mastering the change process and the consequences of not changing and the negative impact on the business, maintaining the saying “that’s how we usually work here!”
            3. Master the art of using creativity and the secret of empowerment to mobilize teams and help them operate interacting with other divisions within the company with little supervision and micro management.
            4. Master the skills of analysing and solving problems through a disciplined collaborative spirit across all disciplines sharing values progress and goals.
            5. Master the skills of the saying “no man is an island”, putting Egocentric Leadership aside and using Altrocentric Leadership skills to obtain valuable feedback that can help in developing successful action plans to meet and manage challenges.

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