Consults Sdn Bhd (2)

Three people, a corporate lawyer; Dr Mohamed Harith Mohamed Kassim, a female lawyer; Puan Rohana Kamarudin (who gave up the lucrative corporate world to utilize her legal expertise to train children, and non-speaking English people in the English Language); and an American; Ryan O’Neal McPherson (with computer science expertise) have one common dream – to help people discover the wonder in them. This dream now realized through our company Kassim-Aydin McPherson Consults Sdn Bhd (KAM Consults Sdn Bhd)

KAM Consults Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 22th February 2006. The day-to-day operations of the company are run by our CEO; Dr Mohamed Harith. Our two shareholders; Puan Rohana is directly responsible for the child education division while Ryan O’Neal McPherson is the US liaison executive of the company, responsible for the company Information Technology and Research Data collection resource.

KAM Consults Sdn Bhd is a registered HRDF Training Provider and Dr Mohamed Harith Mohamed Kassim is a registered Counselor with the Malaysian Counseling Board and a registered HRDF trainer.



Dr. Harith is CEO of KAM Consults Sdn Bhd and founder of PRO-yi® methodology. Having had many challenges, both professional and personal, Dr Harith has had to develop a mindful and positive mindset which has enabled him to discover a unique method of self-efficacy, productivity and happiness i.e Productivity…Your Inheritance.

PRO-yi® is a Self Enhancement training program which allows you to know who you are and what your purpose in life. One key business activity KAM Consults is Personal Development Training.

Business coach, motivational speaker, PRO-yi® master coach, and leadership development facilitator, Dr Harith is also a lawyer and also a registered counsellor and certified trainer (with a Masters and PhD degree in counselling). Dr Harith is passionate about helping individuals unleash their true inherited potential to achieve productivity, success and happiness.

Dr. Harith’s success in discovering how to overcome adversity in his fifties has caused him to have an urgent passion to want to share his experiences with young people starting out in life.

To help young people become leaders who can achieve tough goals and overcome challenges, Dr Harith advocates his own formula of HFRGSB which is having the attributes of Humility, Forgiveness, Repentance, Gratitude, Surrender and Belief that guarantees self-enhancement. The resultant self-enhancement makes the individual have higher self-awareness and self-esteem with a consequential increase in self-confidence and belief in oneself, thereby being able to achieve one’s goals in life, career and business.

With Dr Harith as CEO of KAM Consults, given his varied experiences, KAM Consults is the perfect choice for supporting your teams’ growth, development, business and happiness. As a coach and a mentor, Dr Harith has the experience to facilitate, promote and support individuals and organizations to reach their next level of success



To share with the younger generation the wisdom and secret of our trademark, Productivity…Your Inheritance through the stripping of the subconscious of our negativity and trauma.

To share & escalate productivity, joy and happiness with the younger generations


Kassim-Aydin McPherson Consults Sdn Bhd seeks to research, create and promote the latest scienctific discoveries in the area of mind transformation to help people to reprogram their mind to achieve happiness, joy and productivity through the recent scientific discoveries of epigenetic and neuroplasticity.

Kassim-Aydin McPherson Consults Sdn Bhd constantly develops programs and trains people to help them discover their true potential and enhance their happiness, joy  and productivity levels.