Dr. Harith Kassim

Dr. Harith’s success in discovering how to overcome adversity in his fifties has caused him to have an urgent passion to want to share his experiences with young people starting out in life. PRO-yi® is a Self Enhancement training program which allows you to know who you are and what your purpose in life. One key business activity KAM Consults is Personal Development Training.

Course Overview

HFRGSB which is having the attributes of Humility, Forgiveness, Repentance, Gratitude, Surrender and Belief that guarantees self-enhancement. The resultant self-enhancement makes the individual have higher self-awareness and self-esteem with a consequential increase in self-confidence and belief in oneself, thereby being able to achieve one’s goals in life, career and business.

Course Features

  • Modules
  • Duration
    3 Days
  • Language

Course Curriculum

      • Introduction

      • Module 1 (Part 1) : Discovering Yourself

      • Module 1 (Part 2) : Who Are You & Why Its Difficult Making Decisions

      • Module 2 : Discovering Your Purpose

      • Module 3 : Cognitive Dissonance

      • Module 4 : Mindfulness

      • Module 5 : Search Inside Yourself

      • Module 6 : Redefining Productivity

      • Module 7 : Neuroplasticity & Epigenetics

      • Module 8 : Defensive Pessimism

      • Module 9 : Happiness

Self Enhancement:

        1. To understand the challenges in achieving productivity and happiness.
        2. To understand the reality that, to know what you don’t know is the first step towards productivity and happiness.
        3. To know what the obstacles to productivity and happiness are, as, being natural obstacles, we naturally don’t know what these obstacles are.
        4. To know we don’t know this opens our mind to how to overcome these obstacles.
        5. To understand our human brain and our two minds:-
          • Sub-conscious
          • Conscious
        6. To recognize our “contaminated” sub-conscious and why it is the chief contributor to all of our problems.
        7. To know how to clean up the “contamination” of our sub-conscious.
        8. To know how to transform ourselves towards happiness and joy and re-wire our brains to manifest our wishes.

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